journal publications:

"High Acres Drive" and "Isidore." Thrush Poetry Journal (November 2017).
      ("High Acres Drive" was also listed as a finalist for the 2017 Poetry Contest from Still: The Journal.)
"Connemara." Gulf Stream Magazine (Summer Contest Issue, 2017).
      (Finalist, 2017 Summer Writing Contest)
"The Worst Thing." New Plains Review (Spring 2017).
"Lake House." Forklift, Ohio 34 (Spring 2017).
"The Dune." The Pinch Journal 36.2 (Fall 2016).
"The Incident." Harpur Palate 16.1 (Summer/Fall 2016).
"St. Tammany Parish" and "Metairie 11." Red Paint Hill 9 (January 2016).
"Walking In Tall Grass With Violence." Tinderbox Poetry Journal 2.3 (October 2015).
"Nana's House," "Budgie," "Strawberries," and "Summer Camp." Menacing Hedge 4.3 (January 2015).
"Metairie 5," "Metairie 7," "Metairie 9," and "Metairie 10." Thrush Poetry Journal (January 2015).
"Melusine, Cursed To Live As A Serpent From The Waist Down On Sundays." Cimarron Review 189 (Fall 2014).
"Metairie 6" and "Metairie 8." The Journal 38.3 (Summer 2014).
"The Seal Wife," "Metairie 4," and "The Mirror." The Boiler Journal (Summer 2014).
      (Nominated for Best of the Net Anthology 2015)
"Metairie 1," "Metairie 2," and "Metairie 3." Parcel Magazine (Spring/Summer 2014).
"Antlophobia." Smartish Pace 21 (Spring 2014).
      (Finalist, 2014 Erskine J. Poetry Prize)
"Seed Moon." Thrush Poetry Journal (March 2014).
      (Nominated for the Pushcart Prize 2015)
"The Aquarium." The Adroit Journal 8 (Winter 2013/4).
"Dog Moon" and "Worm Moon." District  (October 2013).
"Backyard." Border Crossing (Fall 2013). 
"The Lawn." (2013).
"Entomophobia" and "To A Girl (1)." storySouth (Spring 2013). 
"Hydrophobia." APIARY Magazine 5 (Fall 2012).
      (Winner, Academy of American Poets Prize, University of Missouri)
"To A Girl (2)." Nashville Review 8 (Summer 2012).
"Telephonophobia." Tuesday; An Art Project (Spring 2012).
"For Rosemary Kennedy, Lobotomized Age 23." The Greensboro Review (Spring 2011).
      (Nominated for Best New Poets 2012)
"Bipolar Ghazal." Redivider (Spring 2011).
"August Ghazal." Fugue (Summer/Fall 2010).
      (Runner-Up, 2010 Ron McFarland Prize for Poetry)
"On the Nod." The Country Dog Review (Spring 2010).
"Phone Call." The Superstition Review (Fall 2008).


"Seahorse Motel." Broadsided Press (November 2013).

short film: 

"Telephonophobia." Adapted and directed by Kyle McConaghy of Strapping Production (2013).